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Dime Store Magic   - Kelley Armstrong So, Dime Store Magic.
It took me almost a month to finish this. Wow, I'm not very proud of that. But why did it take me so long? I guess it's because other books managed to grab my attention more than this one.
This is from Paige's point of view. We met her in the previous book, she's witch and now she has to raise Savannah, a 13 year old witch who's mother died.
This book bored me more than I expected it to and I found myself really missing the werewolves. That's mostly because witches are not really my thing.
Even if it wasn't big deal here, the romance was okay. Lucas Cortez isn't really my type of guy. But he's a good guy and if Paige likes him, well, what can I say.
I do want to read more books from this series but that's gonna take a while since romanian translators as not as fast as I want them to be.