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Rock On - Denise Vega I received a copy of this book from the author. (thank you!)

There's not really much to say. It was a light and fast paced read and I enjoyed it. (even though I haven't had much time for reading lately)

I liked the blog posts and the texts, I was always looking forward to them.
Del was a jerk, but it was nice seeing him and Ori work things out and get their relationship back.
The band was cute. I liked Ali and Nick, I don't have much to say about Troy, Gwyn was a nice addition, and Ori, well, he was the main character. (which I honestly couldn't connect with)
A lot of female authors try to write books in a male pov, and not all of them succeed at it. I think Denise Vega should probably stick to writing female ones.
The romance was pretty cute too.